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Download our early prototype here

Early Alpha Demo

We're pleased to announce that we're ready to show an early prototype of the game. You can play some of the first world but bear in mind this is in a very early stage and will change significantly. The story elements of the game are not in yet so currently our main character Taddie is just as lost as you are!

Please fill in the form below to receive the download via email. Currently our demo is only playable on Windows, but we're working on that!

If you get a chance to play the demo and have a moment, we'd love to get your feedback and hear your thoughts.


With controller:

A - Jump
B - Slide
X - (hold down) Run

Control Stick/D-Pad Down - Crouch
Control Stick/D-Pad Right - Move Right
Control Stick/D-Pad Left - Move Left

With keyboard:

Space bar - Jump
Tab- Slide
Shift - (hold down) Run

Down Arrow - Crouch
Right Arrow - Move Right
Left Arrow - Move Left