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Download our early prototype here

Early Alpha Demo

We're almost ready to show you our latest demo. You can play a couple of levels from the first two worlds, and take part in an endless wave arena mode. The game is still in it's early stages and may change! Currently our demo will only be playable on Windows, but we're working on that!

Play it here!

If you get a chance to play the demo, we'd love for you to join our Discord server to post your feedback. You'll receive updates first, demos, and possibly prizes.


With controller:

  • A - Jump
  • B / Right Bumper - Slide
  • Y - Teleport
  • Right Trigger (hold down) - Run
  • Control Stick/D-Pad Down - Crouch
  • Control Stick/D-Pad Right - Move Right
  • Control Stick/D-Pad Left - Move Left
  • Start - Pause Game
  • Back - Reset Game

With keyboard:

  • Space bar / C - Jump
  • Tab / X - Slide
  • Z - Teleport
  • Shift (hold down) - Run
  • Down Arrow - Crouch
  • Right Arrow - Move Right
  • Left Arrow - Move Left
  • P - Pause Game
  • K - Reset Game
  • O - Mute Background Music