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We have just released an updated demo for Taddie’s Tales. The demo features five levels selected from the first three worlds of Taddie’s Tales. We released this demo in order to share with the world a more updated demo of Taddie’s Tales. The demo we had up previously was dated and did not represent the current build of Taddie’s Tales.

The current build of the demo is the first time anyone has been able to play a level from the 3rd World of Taddie’s Tales. The third world introduces many mechanics and concepts that were not in the other worlds. World 3 sees the introduction of disappearing platforms, moving platforms, and more enemy types. If you happen to play the demo and have feedback we would love to hear from you! Your feedback can help shape the future of Taddie’s Tales. You can reach out to us in our Discord, or email us at

A tweet from the developer of Celeste played a role in some improvements made to the game. We implemented Coyote Time into the game in order to make jumping feel more smooth. Coyote time is adding a few milliseconds/frames of grace period when you leave a ledge where you can still jump. It is hard to put into words how much of a game feel improvement this is. I do not know how many platformers have this mechanic in exact numbers, but I feel as if it is an essential feature in a 2D platformer. Essential unless you are making something with ridged controls such as Super Castlevania.

The team is currently working hard on the 4th world of the game. All of the level designs and mechanics are ready. That is not to say the levels are done. There is not full World 4 artwork, so the levels are currently in a work in progress format. I am anxious to share screenshots of World 4 as soon as they are in a finalized format.

The goal for Taddie’s Tales is to have a complete platformer with five worlds. Five worlds not including the addition of what will be bonus levels/a bonus world. I want the game to feel as complete as the game I enjoyed playing growing up, those games include Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World. I want this game to bring back feelings of nostalgia and joy for those who enjoyed the masterful platformers that were made in the 1990’s.

A goal of ours is to release the game on Steam. Recently I have been pondering when the right time to put the game on Steam in the form where people can add it to their wishlist. It would be of great benefit for us to receive wishlist requests in order for people to gain and maintain interest in the game. I have no idea when a game should be put on Steam. I must research this in order to find out the “best” time to put the game up.

We all hope that you enjoy the demo and give us feedback as it helps to shape the game moving forward. We have implemented many things in order to improve game feel, Coyote Time was one of these big changes. The goal for Taddie’s Tales is to have a complete and great game that ends up on Steam. Thank you for taking the time to reading this! Come join our Discord if you would like to hang out with the creators of the game!