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Thank you to everyone who took the time to play the Taddie's Tales demo. We have made great strides since this project began in 2017. The team and I are dedicated to delivering a beautiful pixel art platformer. Taddie’s Tales is a nostalgia inspired pixel art platformer. We are inspired by the excellent games we played on the SNES. Those games were pivotal parts of our childhood and are what propelled the creation of this project.

The time since the demo release has been a time to refocus and reorganize. We compiled all of the feedback we received and reviewed it. We have reorganized our Trello, which was a task in and of itself. We have also been on the lookout for a pixel artist. Searching for a pixel artist has not been easy. The moment you make a post on an internet forum is akin to opening Pandora’s Box. The backlash you get searching for team members can be discouraging, but for all the negativity by forum posters not interested in your project, you might find a diamond in the rough! I am grateful Matt joined the project in the earlier days. The game did not look NEARLY as polished.

Pixel Artist Ad

Matt has really sparked the project, his incredible art is what makes Taddie’s Tales special. After releasing the demo, we decided to put up an ad to find an additional pixel artist. We have received some responses to the ad and I believe we have found a suitable artist. More on that to come in the following weeks. We are currently focused on fixing the minor problems with the demo, improving game feel, and designing World 2. If anyone would like to come and hang out with the team (digitally) you can join our Discord ! Onto what we are working on at the current moment.

Programming. The current focus on the programming side is to refine the feel of the game. We want the handling to be more fluid and fun. There are visual tweaks we can make to give a more refined feeling of movement, I feel the most obvious area of adjustment will be a slight tweak to gravity. If the player has a little bit more time in the air, I believe it will do wonders. Nailing the jumping physics and mechanics is such an essential element of a platforming game. One website did a whole technical analysis of Super Mario World in terms of design and physics.

Art. The only consistent complaint about the World 1 Demo relating to art was a lack of contrast in the section above. The player is supposed to wall jump up at this point and it is not as obvious as it should be. World 1's artwork was extremely well received which made me very happy. We are starting to develop assets for World 2. We cannot wait to share those with you when we have something to show! You will all have to wait and see what the theme is for World 2! Make sure to hop in our Discord or send an email to if you want to get in touch with us.