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We are hard at work on Taddie’s Tales ! We appreciate everyone who took the time to play the updated demo. The snow system within the game has been completely reworked, we have added buffer jump which improves the character control, we are constantly improving Taddie’s Tales.

I have added another platforming element from the wonderful thread detailing features in Celeste. I have added a buffer jump. If you press jump just before landing on the ground you will engage in a jump when you land on the ground. It took me a little bit of tinkering to implement the feature into the game. It required setting a condition when the player presses a button near the ground, then creating a launch when the player lands on the ground.


There were glitches reported through some people who have played our
demo. A strange occurrence is behind these demo glitches. The glitch
only seems to be appearing in the demo. I tried to recreate it in the
current build of the game and it does not happen within my program or a
current render of the game. The glitches involves Taddie getting stuck in
walls when crouching or initiating a jump too close to the wall. I do
not know if:

  • fixed this post demo launch
  • if a gremlin got into the game file for the demo
  • if Maytch fixed it
  • Either way, the benefit is that it is fixed.

I am hard at work on the snow world in Taddie’s Tales. I took the time to revamp the snow system. I now use a particle system instead of creating multiple snow flake objects. This was recommended by users online as a less resource heavy way of creating snow. It took some fiddling to get the snow fall I desired. Here is a funny debug image that was created through the process of fixing snow.

I spawned a bunch of Taddie’s as particles in order to see if the snowflakes were being created in the manner I needed them to be. The new snow creates some interesting challenges programming wise. I need to check and see if the particle system can interact with the wind object I have created. The wind object is used to alter Taddie’s flight and momentum when caught in wind. The snow needs to move along with the wind, the previous snow did such, I have not tested that yet with the new snow.

Old Snow

Old Snow

New Snow

Maytch has started working on another game in addition to Taddie’s Tales. The artwork for the game looks amazing and I cannot wait to see what happens with it. Check it out here, it is called Deer Flipper! I have recently been making a ton of music which is reinvigorating. A collaboration with my friend Dan is what is mainly responsible for my renewed interest. It is nice to be motivated musically again as that is where the root of Taddie’s Tales stems from. I wanted to get my music into a game. The project has grown so much from when I was just searching for a way to get my music into a game.

The implementation of elements from Celeste’s movement have made the control in Taddie’s Tales much improved. The new snow system is more beautiful and optimized then the previous. I will continue to share updates with you on the progress of Taddie’s Tales. Have a great day!