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Taddie's Tales movement is a key part of the game. I have made many key movements during the past few days. I showed World 2 to my defacto testers on Friday, the testers are two of my close friends. World 2 is not yet perfect, but it is in a playable state that displays seven levels, including all of the new mechanics that were not featured in World 1.

After showing World 2 to my friends, I realized I had made the controls a bit too stiff. I have played Taddie’s Tales so much that I am not the best person to test it. It is important to have other people play your game, you are not just making a game for yourself. My initial problem after the demo was released was that the controls were a bit too loose. This can be illustrated by the gifs below.

This is a representation of the "loose" demo controls.

This is an illustration of the more rigid controls that my testers experienced in the World 2 build.

I have now balanced the feel and tried to find the happy medium between stiff and loose. This involved testing many different variables including:

  • Player Vertical Speed
  • Player Horizontal Speed
  • Max Air Speed
  • Take Off Speed
  • Air Control Speed
  • In Air
  • Player Speeding
  • Take Off Speed Capped

Don't look at the code as sacred

Programming is problem solving. I am not the best programmer in the world, or the most organized. Sometimes I get lost in the code for Taddie’s Tales. One of the best pieces of advice my friend/programmer Ed gave me was “Don’t look at the code as sacred” This has been incredibly helpful advice. I used to be afraid to “break” the code. When I was not as experienced with programming everything would stump me. I now feel as if understand the code for Taddie’s Tales well enough that I can break things and do whatever I need to solve a problem. It is obviously important to keep backups, with that said… I believe I now have a happy medium between the controls being too loose or too rigid. As you can see from the list above there are many variables effecting player movement. I might take a day soon just to go through the code and organize everything. Sometimes the boring tasks can be the most beneficial in the long run.

We are hard at work on World 2. I will try and post more photos during December without spoiling too much. If anyone wants to come hang out you can come to our Discord Channel, it is slowly growing! Over the past few months I played and beat Yakuza 6 and have now started onto Yakuza Kiwami 2. I do not have any tattoos but am really inspired by the Koi tattoo on the character Nishki. Maybe when the game is finished I will finally get inked to commemorate the upstream swim I am conquering in taking on this project!