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Taddie’s Tales is still alive! We are undead… Undead like the update I meant to post near Halloween… Undead like the characters in our mysterious third world. I figured it would be beneficial to provide an update as to what has been going on. Taddie's Tales will not be another one of the million abandoned indie game projects. We will finish this game.

Our two artists went and demoed the game at the Gam-A-Yo event in April. We got essential feedback that helped shape some of our improvements and changes. One of the problems I have faced building the game is that I play it so much myself. Sometimes when I'm testing I have a tendency to fly on auto pilot through levels. I have made all the jump in the game, therefore I understand them very well. It is important to see how other people experience the game and how it feels and plays for them. We seek to make a game that is fun for all who enjoy side-scrollers. The art style, music, and feel is to remind people of games from the Super Nintendo. It is key for us to make a game that has excellent feel, that involves having many different skill levels testing it.

What a wonderful butler...

Alisdair left the team at some point over the last six months. Work and personal life overtake projects sometimes. He left on excellent terms and the team wishes him all of the success in his future endeavors. Me and Maytch are still here. I went through a tumultuous time in my personal life that saw me take long breaks from working on the project. Much of the time I could have spent in the summer working on the game was not utilized. I had to get right mentally. I started a new job and faced many challenge in my personal life. Now is the time, I am back.

In the past six months I did a lot of thinking and soul searching. This project has been going over for around two and a half years IIRC. It is something I want to finish. I want to share this piece of art with the world. Taddie’s Tales is a homage to the side-scrolling platformers of days past. I want the game to bring people a feeling of nostalgia and joy when they play it. Some of the happiest moments of my childhood were from playing DKC, Super Mario World, and other SNES era video games. I’m a sucker for pixel art. The music from those games still inspires me to this day. Think about what a master piece Aquatic Ambience is… Really just think about it, actually just click the link and listen.

I started designing levels and programming in the last month and immediately fell back in love. Time flies when you do what you enjoy and that certainly happens when programming. My code is not perfect. The other coder in this project Ed writes beautiful code… I write messy code as I problem solve.I had little coding experience going into this project but that has certainly changed. I can now do things I never dreamed of being able to do when I started this project. I used to get stumped from the most simple of issues, now I can solve complex problems. I have even started coding a wrestling tycoon when I have extra moments. I love the logic behind it, I love the problem solving.

Maytch and I are currently hard at work on World 3. I have completed 4 levels, sent previews to Maytch and am now waiting on art assets. We are currently seeking one more like minded artist to help us finish this project. It has been a journey, it has not always been easy, but none of the good things in life are. By the time we finish this project I know we will have something we can truly be proud of. You will be hearing from me more frequently from now on.