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Taddie's Tales attended the Orleans Comic Book & Novelty Show at
Place D’Orleans, my childhood mall. It was a pretty unreal experience as
I worked at a video game store and novelty store at Place D'Orleans
years ago. I was the only indie game at the event and it was an
excellent day. I was very fortunate that my good friend Clint had
notified me about the event or I would not have even know about it’s
existence. The event gave me a short term goal for the game and I spent
many countless hours crunching in order to try and and bring the best
demo I could to the event.


I had everything you need to display a game : a beautiful banner, a QR code, and magnets. I gave away magnets. It was an amazing experience to see such a wide range of people try my game. Young and old sampled Taddie’s Tales, players of various skill levels. It was important to see how the game played in the hands of a wide audience, my main tester thus far has been me. You miss things when you are constantly testing a game. A good example of this comes with horizontal ladders.

The horizontal ladder situation was brought to my attention when I had my good friend Alex test my game. I instinctively would go to the edge of a ladder and know the zone that would see me falling off. The ladder proved problematic to my skilled friend and I realized I had to change it. I had missed the glaring error as I had tested the ladders so many times and just muscle memoried through them.

Watching people play Taddie's Tales reassured me that my level design was not flawed. People were able to get through level 1-1 with relative ease (depending on skill level). The next level 3-6 (which was labeled as 1-2 proved) more problematic to players. This is due to the level being the 22nd level you should be playing. It was not just to have someone thrown into that level as they should play the game and acquire skills through the journey. Although this was unfair, it was important for me to observe in person. People were very impressed with the new boss fight.

The event was a success. I met a fellow developer, lots of gamers, some of who were even interested in testing out the game. I plan on bringing Taddie’s Tales to another event in Ottawa in the future. It was a good experience and gave me valuable insight into many elements of the game. I am now more motivated than I have ever been. I want to share this project with the world. I have spent so many hours testing, working out kinks, programming, thinking about this game. All the late nights staying up until ungodly hours have been worth it. I truly believe in this project and its merit.

I would like to thank Entertainment Ink for putting on such a great event. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet new people who reinforced my belief that this project is meaningful. I know the game is good and has come along way but it was extremely motivating to here people say “Woah a video game!” Yes, it is a video game, and I am proud of it. The Taddie’s Tales team plans to release a demo very soon so that players around the world can get a sample of what we have been working on.