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The past week has been filled with trying to implement an element in the game that I would have never dreamed of programming months ago, the bane of my existence: one way slopes. I thought I had the slopes with one way platforms perfected several times, then upon further testing I would realize they were not working properly. The one-way platforms in Taddie’s Tales work wonderfully, sloped movement does as well, combining the two was more difficult than I thought it would be. During the making of the one way slopes I learned several key lessons.



Debugging is important. The more information you have at your
disposal the better. I use the GUI Layer to provide me with information
relating to the problem I am trying to solve. An example of this can be
seen on the right:

During the making of the one way slopes I realized that I needed more information on my GUI layer. I needed to expand on my testing process to develop the slopes. One issue I ran into during the making of the one-way platforms was the collision box. I wanted to know if/when the collision box was being triggered and what the range was. I found a forum post that detailed the process of drawing out the collision box as a red rectangle. This helped immensely. I knew when the box was being triggered and when it wasn’t. This along with the information on the GUI layer allowed me to have the information I needed to solve the problem.

Google is your friend

Google is your friend, not your frienemy, your friend. The process of making the one way slopes was an evolution. I would think I had them working then a problem would occur. The slopes were not triggering at the correct height. The one-way platform would not always trigger when the player was above, they were imperfect. I realized later that this was due to inserting an incorrect variable into a formula. I would have not:

a) started making the one way slopes
b) found out what I was doing wrong if it were not for a forum post that suggested a method of making them

Looking back at the original post late in my process lead me to the epiphany that I had been doing something wrong. I re-read the same line in the post many times. Late in the making of the slopes I realized my mistake… This brings me to my third point.

Get some rest. To be honest, I spent some time just throwing paint at the wall. I wanted to make the platforms and I worked past the point I should have attempting to. I stayed up way too late, spinning my tires. Some of the time I spent trying to solve the problem was not time well spent. If you are too tired to think clearly you are most likely not at your best in terms of problem solving. I went into that zone several times making these platforms. I have no regrets. It is a lesson to be more efficient moving forward.

Success. The practical use of the one-way sloped platforms can be seen in the use of stairs.

Now: Taddie’s can go to the left side of the stairs and jump back up the stairs.

The slope of stairs in the game either cut off the left side of the area, or needed to have a fall off point several stairs up to accommodate the lack of platform. That is now solved.

I spent a decent amount of time figuring out the one-way slopes, but in the end I feel like I have learned lessons that will help me moving forward. The game is progressing along well and I am learning more with every day spent working on the project. I hope you all are enjoying following the progress of this project. The team and I cannot wait to share what we are making with the world!