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It is strange to think how nintendocore has become such a large part of my life. What started as a venture into making music during the MySpace era has expanded into being featured on the Alternative Press website, improving my music production skills, making great friends, as well as driving sixteen hours to meet other nintendocore musicians for a show. Nintendocore has caused me to delve into music production and helped me make friends from around the world. The characters in this game, Taddie’s friends, are all members of the nintendocore community. Many of you probably have some questions…

What is nintendocore? Nintendocore is essentially video game music mixed with metal, death metal or hardcore. Describing the genre is difficult because it really depends on who you ask. I discovered the genre when I heard “Do A Br00tal Roll” by iamerror. Iamerror/Monomate and Insert Disc were my favourite artists from the MySpace days. MySpace was a hotbed for nintendocore.

One interesting element of nintendocore is that many of the projects are one-man bands. This may be a more common concept now, but was not rampant ten years ago. Seeing these solo projects make music inspired me. I was primarily a guitar player in those days. I found it frustrating being a member in bands that didn’t work out. I did not have a car at the time so my options were limited in which bands I could join.

Three of the four members of my university era Post-Rock band... Remember Cloud City. Great memories.

I began making my own nintendocore music in 2009. I cringe a little when I examine the music I made back then. It was very raw, and the production value was not very good. Many of us did not know what we were doing back then. Information was not as easy to access as it is now. You could not just hop on YouTube and figure out how to mix, master, record, etc. Information is so easily accessible now. There is no excuse to have poor production values with the resources that are currently available.

I feel as if those earlier days on the internet were simpler times. Not everything was linked to your personal life. I guess that can be considered both a good and bad thing. You could kind of be who you wanted to be on the internet. “Are you (INSERT NAME) from MySpace?” You could connect with people in your area who were into the same music as you. These people could be outside your friend circle, maybe they went to another high school!? There was a really cool blog called Piranha Party, which I attempted to emulate when I started the Nintendocore Lives blog.

The blog was just me posting releases from nintendocore artists with download links. Through running the blog, I was introduced to an active community of nintendocore artists by someone named Riely. If I had not found that community of musicians I don’t think I would currently be making Taddie’s Tales. I have plenty of stories about nintendocore and the artists involved - good times, drama, the works. For now I will leave you with a link to the album that got us featured on Alternative Press!