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Matt Hall here and I'll post occasionally about the art side of things on Taddie's Tales! We're kicking the project out of it's infancy stage with a demo for you all to try out soon, and after that I wish to develop it into a great little platformer with a satisfying look. I hope anyone reading this would give the demo a try when it's available to help push Taddie's Tales further.

A little bit about me...

Loving games and the Half-life Hammer Editor, I went to University to study Games Design and make nothing of myself. I succeeded at that and went on to do Web Development instead.

That wasn't the end of art for me though, in my spare time I enjoy 3D art, game jams, and pixel dailies!

And now about the game!

I joined Travis late last year with a personal aim to get something finished, and then extended that aim to make something great at the same time. We decided to start the artwork from scratch at that point, and I made the initial character and tileset environment. It originally looked like this:

It was okay, but to push it further I wanted to move away from tiles and into assets. It's a similar idea but instead of 8, 16, or 32px squares we can make bigger modular pieces to stick together, similar to how 3D games are assembled. Now we have our first world more or less created: the robot cityscape themed world!

What's next?

The hub world where the player has a respite from lasers and heights is in development and I hope to have a butt-tonne of stuff to show you about it soon! We want to create amazing environments and scenery, and the hub world is the best place for it. It'll be bursting with life and detail, and I have no doubt it'll be added to throughout the development process.

That's it for now, thanks for reading!