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It is shocking that this is the first development blog entry I have made in 2021. Taddie’s Tales is still under production and I am hoping that this is a big year for the game. I started writing a blog entry a few weeks ago and upon reflecting on it much has changed. I went from hoping we would establish a plan to finish the game to now having a plan to finish the game. In looking at the last blog entry I realized how much work has been done since September. Below I will outline what the team has been up to and give you a glimpse of our plan.


World 4 has underwent a massive transformation. Maytch has provided stunning new assets for the tracks in our mine cart level and added many other nice touches. I have refined many of the mechanics in the world and I am truly excited to get this newer version into the game in the hand of some testers. I realized I completely redid all the levels I thought would comprise World 4. Below is an image of a nice little gnome who enjoys shooting cannonballs.


I have been going through the game and replaying all the levels looking at what needs to be fixed. A large chunk of time in December was spent re-leveling sound effects and making sure everything was balanced. My creation process involves creating lists, bug fixes, problems, ideas, LISTS, LISTS, LISTS. It was interesting to play through all the levels with the music off and only sound effects playing. I generally test and program the game with the SFX and music off. Trying to fix a problem and hearing the same SFX over and over again could definitely drive you crazy. I wonder if other people do the same when testing.


In January me and some of the people who are listed on the title intro for the game released a Nintendocore Compilation album. The album is Melee a sequel to Smash. I am happy to say that I am still involved in the music scene that helped to spur on the creation of this game. I have been regularly releasing beats that can be found here I am still providing music for the wonderful game Duck Boy. The creator recently did a graphical overhaul and the game looks very promising. You should check it out and wish-list the game if it catches your eye! I am sure the creator would appreciate it, he has been a joy to work with.

I promise this frequently, but I hope to keep everyone more in the loop as to what is going on with Taddie’s Tales. World 4 is very close to being completed and we hope to release an updated demo this year (or if things go well the entire game). A big part of creating a game involves things not done within the game. So much of making a game and hopefully getting it out to people is marketing, networking, etc. It can be trying at times. I should update Twitter more, post on Instagram, create more preview videos, but there are only so many hours in the day. I guess that is the struggle of working on an extremely small team.

I recently appeared on the Generation Dragon's podcast and spoke at lengths about Taddie's Tales!

Check it out if you are interested. We hope to make great progress on the game in the new few months and I look forward to sharing it with the world. March is going to be a month of dedicated work on Taddie's Tales.