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Making Taddie's Tales has been an incredible journey. It is crazy to think that it is almost April. I must be honest and admit that I missed Taddie's Tales second birthday, which was on March 8th! I have been working on Taddie’s Tales now for just over two years. The two years I have spent working on Taddie's Tales have featured many highs and lows. One thing is for certain, my skills in terms of developing a game have grown. I have always enjoyed working on creative projects, but this project has taken that one step further.

On a personal note, I have finally finished some music! Music was the original reason I decided to start Taddie's Tales. I wanted to get my music into a game as well as make a game for a nintendocore meet-up I traveled to. I have been perfecting some instrumental beats since around August, they are finally done. I will be finishing a synthwave/nintendocore album in the upcoming weeks as well. In the time since I have started this game, my programming skills have GREATLY improved. As I sit and reflect, I realize I am now implementing things in the game I never would have dreamed of attempting two years ago. Maybe all these hours bashing the keys and getting frustrated will be worth it in the end.

I recently came up with two game ideas that stemmed from a dinner with a friend. My friend was grilling me about what made this game special, what abilities were in it, etc; It turns out he has played MANY indie platformers. The conversation on the mechanics in my game lead us to discussing two which I am currently implementing. To hearken back to my skills improving, I am currently refining teleporting and portals as abilities Taddie will unlock. The teleporting mechanic will give Taddie the ability to get through walls as well as save herself from a fall if she is in range of a ledge. Portals will be used to travel back to an area or to move or maneuver around enemies. I plan to implement the portal ability as well as the teleport ability with the story. Taddie will learn these mechanics as she progresses through the game. Maybe the player could use these unlocked abilities in a NEW GAME PLUS in order to run through the game faster.

I have finished reskinning World 2. There are a few assets we still need to refine, but I would like to share a screenshot below to show you how beautiful the game is looking. Spring is around the corner, my ball season will start which is always an exciting time. What games has everyone been playing? Lately I have been enjoying playing Apex Legends with my friends. Life is… good? We are still working hard on Taddie’s Tales and I am going to try and get back into updating this blog more regularly to keep everyone updated.

We will be discussing what we want to put in our next demo and I hope to share some news in that regard soon. Come check out our Discord! We are hard at work behind the scenes trying to make this game a reality.