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We are happy to announce a new member of our team, we welcome Alisdair. Alisdair is our second member of the art team. It is amazing to have another team member. Every team member working on this project brings unique experience and insights into the project. I am so fortunate to be leading a project with such talented artists. Alisdair is the second team member from the opposite side of the pond (I’m in Canada, the art team is in England). This project would not be possible without the power of the internet.

The Taddie’s Tales team is hard at work on the second world. The second world will introduce more game play mechanics and brand new enemies. We are trying to make the worlds all feel different from each other. We want Taddie’s Tales to be a fun, fast-paced, retro inspired platformer. The second world will be set in a jungle, the enemies will be primarily reptilian, with a twist! Below is a WIP background from World 2.

The second world will see Taddie tackling some new platforming challenges. World 2 will feature falling platforms, as well as ropes. Ropes that can be climbed and ropes that can be swung upon. I believe the addition of ropes will make the pace in World 2 very thrilling. I have lots of ideas for levels. I mapped out levels with ropes in the first book I used to design Taddie Tale’s levels. There are so many things we want to put into this game. The hub world will be a key feature of the game. The current demo for Taddie’s Tales does not feature the hub world. Taddie will go to the different world in the hub world. The art for the hub world has looked incredible so far. Here is a shot of inside Taddie’s house. This is also the room that is feature on the intro screen for the game.

I am personally excited to work on World 2. Composing the music will be different than when I composed the music for World 1. World 1 was Robot City, it had Mega Man vibes, NES style/chiptuney music. World 2 will be more ambient, feature different drum sounds from around the world, the music will sound much different than the music in World 2.


We have many goals set for November. We are trying to put a serious dent into the completion of World 2. If anyone would like to chat or hangout, join our Discord! The team at Taddie’s Tales would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!