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The team at Taddie’s Tales would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Taddie’s Tales is a game that was spurred on by a love of Nintendocore music, side-scrollers and nostalgia. I have spoken about Nintendocore music in this dev blog before. Although being a game spurned on by music, there was something missing in terms of the inclusion of music in the game. My friend/programmer Ed recently had a suggestion that I feel will greatly increase the musical emphasis of Taddie’s Tales. I have crafted the songs for Taddie’s Tales over many years. Music has been a passion of mine for a long time and one of the things that drove the creation of Taddie's Tales.

Some of the tracks in Taddie’s Tales are brand new tracks, some of them are old files I have repurposed and changed from years ago. Part of the fun of making this project was going back and sorting through all of the music files I have backed up/have over the past ten years. I have actively been making music on the PC since 2009.

Taddie’s Tales is to feature members of the Nintendocore community in the form of Taddie’s friends. The tracks that are within the game will also now have an emphasis and a game play element. Coin collecting will now not just result in the chance to gain an extra life but will control elements of the music. Certain thresholds will result in more elements of a music track playing. The music in the game will now fade out if you do not obtain a coin for a period of time.

Some recent game-play in the unfinished 3rd World.

I feel like this will result in a an overall better game flow. I will have to go back to the existing levels in the game and reposition the coins in order to coincide with the new elements that are being implement regarding coins and sounds. This will take some time, but will be greatly worth it. I believe that the coins fading out if you do not collect them for awhile will hopefully push the player to play the level at a decent pace. I liked to play side-scrollers at a clip, pushing forward, I hope this element will result in a more tantalizing pace for the game.

Another recent programming challenge has been the timing of disappearing platforms. I currently have platforms being triggered by other platforms, some by proximity, it is important to have these trigger at the correct times. I do not want the player to have to stand around for too long waiting for a section. These problems can be remedied by adding distance conditions to the platforms. One thing I have learned from this project is everything will take longer than you anticipate it will. I have put several elements into the game project to help test distances and game flow, an interesting result of this is posted below. Things do not always go according to plan.

PS: Everything takes longer than you think it will!