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GaMaYo - Game Makers Yorkshire. It's a network for people who develop games and are based in Yorkshire (England, UK). They host a biannual event in Leeds where all sorts of games-related business attend and sponsor, for new and experienced game developers. It lands on Thursday 9th May 2019, and we hope to show off Taddie's Tales there!

But why Yorkshire?

Well, it happens that two of our game developers (myself and Alisdair) are from Yorkshire, and part of GaMaYo.

Last year I attended with a small procedural game I wanted to test out there called Pokee 'n Blue (Check it out over here!) and had a great time.

Now after a lot of development, it's time to bring Taddie's Tales! We'll have a brand new demo to play, showing off a couple of different worlds, mechanics, and cool enemies. We hope to gather feedback and get a lot of play-testing on it, to help us push our game further.

Don't worry if you're not a part of GaMaYo, the demo will be available for everyone to play soon after!

You can see more about GaMaYo on their website and twitter.