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Taddie’s Tales is still progressing well. We have made some important realizations recently. There has been a lot going on behind the scenes in order to try and deliver this game to the public. Countless hours are spent on items more that go beyond just programming and art. There is a ton of coordinating, restructuring, planning and more. Most of our coordinating is done on Discord as I live across the ocean from the rest of the team.

Our artists have been hard at work making wonderful pieces in the game and outside of it. I have been hard at working trying to finish several music projects (as has been the usual over the last ten years) I hope to share some music with you all very soon. Much of the New Year was also spent trying to launch a new business venture that did not pan out. The whole process was disappointing, but I am trying to take positives out of it in what I learned.

Scaling Back

I recently completed a 2,035 story summary of Taddie’s Tales, also a 4,434 word script of all of the dialogue and events in the game. I worked hard on these documents. After submitting them to the team for the feedback we realized a few things. In our ambitions, we had made the project too large.

  • We have too many worlds
  • We have have too much dialogue
  • Our story maybe too complicated

As I was writing out the script for the game I had the inclination that maybe we were going too big. It is almost reassuring that we are not using the script I had written. When you are making a game nothing is set in stone. It reminds me of a time me and my friend went to the outdoor rink to play hockey. It was FREEZING. We really wanted to play hockey, the wind was whipping viciously and the temperature must have been below -25 Celsius. There were a group of four guys playing hockey at the rink, me and my friend Matt arrived, struggled through putting our skates on, and tapped out. Sometimes you have to know when to alter your plan.

Narrowing down the scope of the game will allow us to make a better game for everyone. Five good worlds will be much better than eight worlds we will struggle to finish. We are a very small team, making a video game takes many, many man hours. We should be spending them on creating content that we have fun making and believe in.

If any of you would like to stay up to date or come chat join our Discord here. When I have more information on the next projected demo or the direction of the project I will make a post. We are all hobbyists but are working our hardest to try and sort out some sort of timeline for this project. I want to make the most polished project and get it into as many hands as possible. I want people to experience this piece of art we have all worked so hard on.