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The World 1 Demo is extremely close to completion. It has been a week with LOTS of coding. I wrote on our Facebook page “Spending a bunch of time doing something that people will see for all of twenty seconds 🤔 #gamedev”. That is the story of the past week of my life. Making a game is not always doing flashy stuff. Many of the important elements of a game can be extremely tedious to make. Ideally, every piece of code you write can contribute to another part of the project. It was very time consuming piecing together what I needed and building the final part of the World 1 demo.

That's not right

I remember our head programmer telling me how he would get stuck in a wormhole. That phenomenon happened to me this week. I was working on perfecting the final screen of the demo. I wanted two characters to have a conversation with each other. The exchange was to be the “thank you and farewell” to the players of the demo. The textbox system I was implementing differed from the one used during gameplay with a player object present. Long story short… It was extremely tedious.

In one day, I spent three and half hour working on the ending screen. I went out in the afternoon, upon returning home I began coding again. I forget when I started, but I decided to go to bed at 12:30 AM. I could barely focus at that point. The last 30 minutes of coding was sort of just throwing paint at the wall. Should I have stopped sooner? Probably. However, I was intent on trying to solve my problem. I was stuck in the wormhole. Coding is one giant problem solving experiment. I ended up finishing the code and related section the next day. I am happy that I was able to accomplish what I set out to do with the screen. It is not quite as condensed as I would like, but it serves its purpose. It is not always about being perfect, sometimes it’s just about getting stuff done.

The team and I are extremely close to releasing the World 1 Demo. If you would like to be notified when that happens send an email here I am very happy with how things are turning out and I can’t wait to share the game with everyone. All of the nights toiling away have not been in vain. Spending two days to make twenty seconds of content IS worth it. This game has come so far in the last year. I feel like as long as I am on this planet I will be creating things. It is what drives me. If you ever start your own game project remember… Everything is going to take longer than you originally anticipated.