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We are excited to announce our first demo will be released on September 18th! I am thrilled that we are finally able to share what we have created with the world. The feedback we receive on the demo will be important for shaping the future of Taddie’s Tales.

I have been working on Taddie’s Tales since March of 2017. The original aim for this project (before it even had a name) was to make a game for the 2017 Nintendocore Fest. I had no idea that the project would snowball into something much greater. Another one of my goals was to simply put my music into a game. I was discouraged when looking for opportunities to get my music into a game as I found the market was saturated with musicians looking for projects, but not projects looking for musicians.

The project really began to flourish when Matt took part as an artist in July of 2017. That is not to say that the work done before was not important. Much of the “engine” was created in the first few months of the game. I would not be anywhere in this project if it were not for Ed’s programming and guidance in the first few months of development. Many game play elements exist that are not featured in World 1. One element we have that is not present in the demo is Donkey Kong style barrels.

The foundation of this project is a love for SNES games. The artwork, music, feel and general nostalgia from that console generation is what inspired us to make this project. I sought out to make something that was light-hearted and fun. I want Taddie’s Tales to have amazing graphics, great music, and fantastic game play. I fondly recall all the time I spent playing the Donkey Kong Country series. I have actually played many SNES games (including the DKC series) with our head programmer, Ed. That series stands out to me in part due to the fantastic music by David Wise. I found an excellent interview conducted on the Super Marcato Bros that interviews the DKC composer. The technical limitations in place on the SNES were quite rigid compared to now. You couldn’t just put an MP3 or WAV file into a game in those days!

I would like to personally thank Ed and Matt for everything they have done for this project. I am anxious to see where Taddie’s Tales will take us. I have high hopes :) . It is not always easy doing creative projects. There are so many obstacles that can come your way. The important thing is to keep grinding away, do not give up. If you keep plugging away, anything is possible. If I had given up on this project when adversity came my way I never would have found Matt on Reddit. If I had given up there would be no Taddie’s Tales. That seems like it would be a shame now doesn’t it? If you would like to receive the demo when it is released drop an email to . We look forward to hearing your feedback.