Taddie's Tales

2D Platformer

We're a small indie games development team making Taddie's Tales; hobbyists from around the world creating a 2d pixel art platformer. Inspired by the classics such as Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country, we wish to master the skills it takes to produce a game worth playing and replaying. We're still in early development so the content displayed here is only a sliver of what we hope to achieve and no doubt will change over the course of creation.

To follow our development, be sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up-to-date on progress and see the announcements. We hope to start up a development blog alongside a mailing list soon! For any press or general enquiries you can contact us at hello@taddiestales.com.

We Want:

Retro Platforming

To focus on creating the challening but fun gameplay of classic platformers. Each world will present the player with a new platforming challenge.

Exciting Worlds

To take the player through wonderful and exciting environments. Worlds filled with colorful landscapes and littered with fun and perculiar enemies.

Boss Fights

To push players to their limits with great fights they'll want to play again and again. Bosses and mini-bosses that will keep the player on the egde of their seats.

Want to see artwork? Here's some progress

Latest Works

Our current focus is to build a playable demo of World 1 - the robot metropolis. Can our heroine traverse this mechanical jungle to rescue her friend?

Taddie's Tales Background

We're Still In Early Development!

Want To Work Together?

We're on the lookout for passionate Pixel Artists to help us create awesome worlds. Interested?

Please note that we are a small hobbyist development team.